Whether you are skinny guy looking to put on additional body weight or a professional bodybuilder wishing to retain your lean muscle, bulking prohormones are the way to go. The best prohormones for bulking are not new to professional athletes, as it is known to offer energy and stamina that is more than what they can naturally afford. There are two ways to bulking up. One of the options is that for skinny guys who have fast metabolisms. As for mesomorphs who are not worried about losing an extra pound, this could be the way forward for you. If you are an endomorph with slightly more than 15% of body fat, you possibly need a lean muscle with the help of some cardio activities.

Here is the Best Bulking Prohormones for you

Are you one of those who are looking to pack on an extra serious muscle mass? Are you undecided on the things you should do to achieve these huge goals? Bulking prohormones are available to help you record tremendous gains in your energy and stamina levels. This means that with an additional energy pack, you will be able to lift heavier weights for longer, hence stimulating the generation of lean muscle while eliminating body fat. Here are some of the best bulking prohormones that you may want to consider in your bodybuilding journey:


So far, this is one of the best bulkers around. This prohormone converts easily to testosterone, which is responsible for faster addition of mass than other compounds. As an improved testosterone, 4-andro is anabolic but the good news is that it converts to DHT and estrogen as well. The effect of DHT is that it neutralizes the estrogen’s feminizing characteristics while at the same time allowing for desirable effects to take charge. In addition, the DHT offers you the much demanded energy and aggression to help you carry on with the lifting of weights.


This prohormone converts to 1-testosterone, which is known for its higher potency than testosterone. It neither converts to DHT nor estrogen, which implies that it is designed to be a testosterone without the effects that are associated with the androgenic or estrogenic nature of other steroids. These are some of the big benefits that bodybuilders get with the extended use of 1-andro. In addition, you do no gain an extra size but instead gain a cleaner, harder bulk.

Rise and Swell: This is yet another effective testosterone booster and which is known to protect the user from the side effects that affect the testes while a person on the cycle. In addition, the designer claims that it helps to prepare the user for a faster and safe recovery upon completion of the cycle. Every man wants to function normally post cycle so you have all the reasons to buy a product that will ensure that you are up and running. Apart from protecting you from the side effects of estrogens, it gives you the power to release the require amount of testosterone hormones to keep your male characteristics at the top.

Whatever prohormones you choose, be careful to pick only those that have mild side effects and which will give you greater value for your money.