Whether you are bodybuilder or athlete, endurance is something we all need if progress is to be made. This is why we have a plethora of supplements designed for those who take endurance cycles seriously. So how do you know what’s best for you and how do you stay away from the counterfeits?

As an athlete, you have to put in the time in your endurance training if you are to see any progress—whether it is 60 miles of running every week or 200 miles of cycling before the next Olympics contest. Swimmers also have to go through countless laps on the pool just to get the required volume of training to qualify them for the next competition.

Bodybuilders, who do it as a career, understand how important it is to gain and maintain large muscle mass. This means increasing the intensity of training and probably stepping out of the work out hours. A good diet would get you far, but the right stamina cycle will get you further than you thought you could go.

The Best Endurance Supplements in the Market

Endurance training puts a lot of demands on your body, which is why you need to get the right supplements to get you going. There are plenty of endurance supplements out there and it can get really confusing knowing which combination to go for. So here is a list of vital ingredients that need to be on your stamina cycles.


Proteins need to be in your supplements and in huge amounts. Amino acids play a major role in fitness training like repair of muscles, replication of muscle cells, and generally maintaining muscle mass. To go for more hours during training, you need strength—and proteins are the fuel for that. Furthermore, the body converts protein to energy during extreme workouts.


One of the reasons why endurance training is not for everyone is the fast burn out you experience. Luckily, with beta-alanine in the supplement cocktail, fatigue is delayed which improves your overall performance. With beta-alanine in your blood stream, you also get a good boost on your rowing frequency, cycling performance is stepped up, and heavier weights can’t stop you anymore.


Caffeine boosts your alertness, especially on those early morning workouts. Whether it’s cross country training, cycling through the woods, or hitting the swimming pool, caffeine gives your brain the jolt it needs. Additionally, caffeine delays fatigue, promotes fat oxidation, and generally is a good ingredient for weight management.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is a good complement for your protein intake.  Creatine boosts muscle size and strength as you continue to supplement with it. Creatine improves ATP production, steps up anaerobic performances and phosphocreatine stores. It is thus a good agent to promote faster recovery in triathletes, runners, weight lifters and even cyclists.

To ensure your endurance training runs smoothly with few hitches, you need to find the right and best endurance stack that works for you. Remember our bodies are different thus each athlete or bodybuilder will respond differently. The above ingredients are a good place to start when shopping for endurance cycle supplements tailor made just for you.