Bodybuilders as well as amateur users often stack their prohormones for optimal effects. Stacking means combining multiple prohormones in a cycle pattern to maximize the benefits. Ordinarily, different prohormones have different effects, and as such, it is always important to have a mix of prohormones in a cycle. Prohormones are helpful when it comes to increasing sex drive, strength, sexual performance and muscle mass. Certainly, this is because of the downstream conversion of prohormones into anabolic compounds that are in a completely functional steroid state.

The effects of the conversion are incredible characteristics in a modern man since chemicals rake our androgen load and reduce the overall sexual drive because of the deteriorating testosterone levels. Since our bodies are overwhelmed by the amount of chemicals that go down our system, many experts content that prohormones are a healthy option.

Is there a Stronger prohormone? This question is popular among many people who want to bulk up and add crazy mass muscle. Of course, people who want to bulge and achieve a better physique are the ones going for prohormones, so you want a prohormone compound that promises to rake in maximum results. All of these expectations boil down to finding the best prohormones for strength.

It is not quite easy to say that a certain prohormone is superior to the other since compound work differently and the outcome varies from one user to the next. If you are thinking about a superior compound, you should consider preformulated prohormone for strength. Superdrol was viewed as the most powerful legal prohormone but this is no longer the case since more compounds have been found to exhibit more superior effects than superdrol. However, superdrol could be one compound on your list of prohormones. Here are some of the prohormones that are considered more potent and which you can choose to bolster your muscle gaining journey.

Bulking Prohormones

EPG Try-methyl Platinum (Trenavar and ProMag)

Formulated with protein as its building blocks, this stack has proven a perfect addition to your bulking supplements. The dosage in each capsule of the stack is carefully measured to give you an average user the best returns for his or her money. Each capsule contains 25mg of ProMag, 15mg of Trendione and 7.5mg of Ultradrol translating to 47.5mg, a dosage capable of speedy muscle growth and massive strength.

Myolab Super-Sten 20

The debate around which prohormone is superior has always been around two products-superdrol and Ultradrol and so a stack involving these two could be that perfect option for bigger gains. However, be careful to use them in dosages that your body can manage.

Alpha-1, 4 ADD and M1

If you are one of those who prefer bulking to anything else, then Alpha-4D is the right option. When stacked with M1 and 4ADD, the stack can yield amazing results.

Cutting Stacks

If gaining mass isn’t your objective and so you want a more ripped and leaner physique then you definitely need cutting prohormones. Here are some of the cutting stacks that could drive you to that awesome figure in a just a few weeks.

Trenavar and Hexandrone

This stack is not just potent, it does not cause liver stress. However, as a user, you should not get a false impression that they are absolutely safe to the extent that you ramp up excess drug into your blood stream. The fact that is not methylated means that it can be used for longer cycles without causing serious side effects.

The Bottom Line

The concept of a more powerful prohormone may not be in existence since what’s powerful to one person may not be true to another person. So stack the best strength prohormones and get the most from these essentially important compounds.