Working out is one of the best ways to get in to shape. Body builders know that a lot of effort is required to get the perfect body for competition season. The right routine has to be backed up with good food and proper rest. For most people, this does work but for some athletes, bad genes seems to come into play. No matter how much they work out; they just cannot seem to get the right body shape. This can be frustrating and fatiguing. If you are experiencing a similar plateau, don’t give up or feel frustrated. There is an alternative and its called Trenbolone Acetate.

What Is Trenbolone Acetate?

Tren was originally designed for cattle use. The pill was injected subcutaneously in to cattle skin to promote weight gain and appetite in livestock. However, handlers realized that the medication was just as effective on humans. The drug was not approved for human use. However, it is now considered one of the most popular drugs for building body mass and muscle strength.

How Do Trenbolone Steroids Work?

Trenbolone is a very strong androgenic steroid. This drug is originally derived from nandrolone and works the same way. However, unlike nandrolone, it does not have a very potent estrogenic effect. As a result, it does cause rapid weight gain but with none of the side-effects seen with nandrolone. It also works by increasing IGF-1 blood levels. This results in an modification in muscle cells and rapid repair to muscle fibers. Another benefit is that Tren seems to clear up rapidly from blood. This then reduces the potential for side-effects with the drug.

Dosage of Tren

Tren dosage varies from person to person. Most users start with about 35mg per day and then increase it up to 150mg per day. However, some users may start with a higher dose to gain rapid results. However, most doctors do not recommend increasing the dose beyond 500mg as it can cause significant health problems. Some users may also choose to stagger the drug by combining it with another drug like Dianobol. In this case, users may choose to reduce the starting dose of Tren to about 20mg.


Every drug has side-effects and Tren is no different. Users have reported effects like deeper voice, excess hair growth on body, virilization, etc. This drug is not recommended for women as it can cause significant effects like water retention and virilization etc. Some users have reported elevated thyroid hormone levels, temporary stoppage of natural testosterone, libido problems, sexual dysfunction, kidney and liver dysfunction, sleep disruption, coughs, etc.

General Considerations Before Starting Tren Use

1.Tren is usually combined with Testosterone Propionate. This is because tren use results in the human body stopping its intrinsic production of testosterone.
2.Cycle supportive therapy is required with long-term Tren use
3.Tren is not available for human use. But on an average, the Tren costs about $70-90 per 10ml vial. This makes it one of the most affordable steroids available.

Where To buy Trenbolone steroid?

Most pharmacists have Tren for sale. However, you should know that it is a medical-grade drug and you will require a prescription to buy it from a real-time pharmacy. You can also buy Trenbolone online. Some US pharmacies may sell it to you without a prescription but most of them will insist on a medical scrip before you are sold the drug. However, you can find online pharmacies that will sell you Trenbolone tablets or Trenbolone pills at a discounted rate. If you cannot find a local pharmacist, you can definitely order Trenbolone from an Asian or European pharmacist.