Parabolan also known with its IUPAC name as Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, is perhaps the most dominant ester-based trenbolone substances to have been on the steroid market. This compound was first designed and published on the French steroid market in the 1960’s and it traded Parabolan. It was the first Trenbolone hormone to have existed in a state that is consumable by human beings. This drug survived many years as a prescription drug for cases involving malnutrition, muscle wasting and other conditions that caused a rapid reduction in the muscle and body mass. In addition, it was recommended for treatment of osteoporosis and cachexia. However, as fate would have it, Negma pulled it out from the market in 1997, becoming the last human grade compound to have been released on the market.

Parabolan is closely related to Trenbolone Acetate compound only that it has an ester attached to it. This means that the compound slowly releases trenbolone hence it does not need many injections. However, the functional traits of this compound does not change because of the attached ester compound. Since this drug is not longer on the list of prescription drugs, parabolan is commonly used as a performance enhancing substance. Today, parabola is one of the most powerful and versatile steroids on the market. Parabolan is seen as an important steroid in competitive bodybuilding because of its super conditioning effects. In addition, it has incredible muscle building properties compared to other steroid compounds.

Functions and Characteristics

Structurally speaking, Parabolan is an altered form of Nandrolone, a hormone substance that is often associated with Deca Duraboline. The nandrolone hormone has two additional carbon positions, which is responsible for increased androgen binding ability. This also increases the inhibition of the hormone to freely aramatize. This means that Parabolan carries no aromatizing effects with it. The slight alteration on this compound slows the rate of metabolism hence making it a more versatile and potent anabolic steroid than Nandrolone as well as Testosterone.

The hormone power of any steroid is known by considering its androgenic and anabolic ratings. Trenbolone features an anabolic rating of 500 and an androgenic rating of 500. Different steroids came with different ratings and their potency is rated based on these ratings and the testosterone ratings. Ordinarily, testosterones carry a rating of 100 in androgenic and anabolic spheres. Studies indicate that no anabolic steroid on the market matches the androgenic and anabolic power of parabola.

Parabolan is designed with steroid traits that are common to most of the androgenic steroids, but Parabolan carries a higher level of Trenbolone  hormone compared to similar androgenic steroids. This steroid has higher power to enhance protein synthesis and nitrogen retention than its counterparts in the androgenic family. Protein synthesis refers to the ability or the rate at which the cells generate proteins. Since proteins are the building blocks when it comes to muscle growth, it means that the higher the protein synthesis the more potent a steroid is. In addition, a higher protein retention rate enhances the androgenic atmosphere and helps to protect the human body from catabolism. A deficiency in nitrogen can cause a catabolic state hence inhibit the growth or retention of lean tissue.  Parabolan as a highly potent anabolic steroid is responsible for a significantly enhanced metabolic rate. In addition, it the ability to reduce the amount of fat at a desirable rate.  Further, this drug has the ability to increase the diet efficiency. All these essential properties make Parabolan an incredible anabaolic steroid of the user, meaning that the body maximizes the amount of food that the body gets. Given all these benefits, you need to buy Parabolan so that you are not left out of the winning game.

What are the Effects of Parabolan

If you understand the properties and functions of similar steroids you will appreciate the remarkable effects of Parabolan on the body of the users.  With the traits of this drug, we have come to see one of the most powerful cutting steroids of all time. During the cutting cycle, most people utilize Trenbolone hormone and since Parabolan for sale has a fair share of this hormone, bodybuilders are able to make impressive gains when they are off the drugs.