When someone goes into the gym, he may go straight to the weight room. He knows what he can do here. He may even know all of the exercises he can do. Someone who is working on his upper body strength may start by doing push ups. No one is going to question what someone does for his workup, unless he decides to do ballet in the weight room. Before he goes over and starts the bulk of his workout, he should make sure that he has all the safety equipment required. Before beginning he should put on his weight lifting belt and find a spotter.

The reason for a spotter is obvious. Sometimes a person can take on more weight they can handle, or he might become too tired to continue a particular lift. The spotter is there to make sure the person doing the weight lifting exercises can bring the weight back down safely.

Weight lifting belts serve a different purpose. Similar belts are used for people lifting heavy items, including furniture. This item is designed to prevent back injuries. There are also things to remember about lifting weights. Everyone should remember to lift with their knees, not with their back when engaging in bodybuilding.