You will find this discussed quite a lot online. Users will gather at online forums or on bodybuilding websites and the common question will be, ‘ Which are the best steroid cycles? Is there a best steroid cycle for a particular requirement?’ and so on.  These questions are usually heavily discussed but the answers are never satisfactory. Most users complain that one cycle did not work for them and vice versa. But what makes this so different for everyone? Are there any rules that have to be followed regarding cycling? If yes, what are they and how do you choose the best cycle for your requirements?

Lets Take a Look At The Basics

Types – Steroid cycles are divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced/Beyond-Advanced. Basic cycles are recommended for people who are just starting out on steroid use or who have completed one cycle. The user has not suffered any dramatic side-effects and now wants to improve on the basic results. Intermediate cycles are recommended for people who have completed two to three cycles or more, have experienced a few side-effects and want to gain more during off-season. Advanced and Beyond-Advanced cycles are incredibly powerful and associated with a large range of side-effects. They also carry a significant amount of risks and are usually not recommended at all as they are seriously dangerous.

Duration of steroids cycles – The best steroid stacks are usually recommended anywhere from six to eight weeks. Users have noted that muscle gain and strength gains usually taper off after this period and a plateau is reached. It makes sense to keep the cycle to this level. If you increase the dose and cycle beyond this point, there is a higher risk of side-effects and negative health reactions. Ideally, steroid cycles should not be extended beyond 10-12 weeks. This should be followed by an off-period and post-cycle therapy to ensure good health.

High-level cycles – There are several advanced cycles being discussed online like the three-week blitz, the double-mini, the diamond, the inverted pyramid, etc. These are advanced cycles which use higher dose steroids over a longer period of time. For example, the double-mini is a 14-week cycle that users a two anabolic steroid stack over six weeks. This is followed by two weeks of recovery. HCG is provided during this period and the second cycle starts immediately for six weeks with the same compounds used during the first six weeks. After this double-mini cycle, the user has to rest for two months. Please note that these are advanced cycles and results tend to vary considerably.

Stacking in cycles – Stacking means combining several steroids to get a balanced body effect.  Ideally, the best steroid stack will be a combination of an androgenic steroid with one or two anabolic compounds. This means a combination of testosterone, oxymetholone or menthandrostenolone with methenolone, oxaandrolone, boldenone, or stanozolol. The reasoning for this kind of steroid stack is simple. The androgenic steroid usually produces several androgenic and estrogenic side-effects. By adding an anabolic compound to the mix, it would result in a synergism which would protect the body from any long-term adverse effects. We cannot recommend any particular cycle for your requirements as individual conditions vary. Most companies supply ready-made steroid stacks for bulking, cutting or strength. Detailed instructions are also provided to ensure that you use the products carefully.

The Bottom Line

There is no such thing as the ‘best steroid cycle’ for a particular person. This is because there are no two people who are similar physiologically and physically in the world. Moreover, each person will have a unique goal and body shape in mind. Side-effects will also occur and each user will require PCT or post-cycle therapy to restore the body’s natural balance. As a result, we recommend following the basic guidelines but tweaking individual steroid cycles to suit your goal. If you achieve what you are aiming for, then that particular steroid stack is your perfect steroid cycle.