Despite the massive amount of misinformation that’s being circulated online, all steroids have side effects. This is true whether they’re doctor-prescribed or purchased for use in bodybuilding. There are, however, countless ways to mitigate these side effects along with the other risks of steroid use. The key to staying safe in your supplementing routine lies in knowing what the risks are and implementing the best practices for keeping your body in good condition. Following are some of the top training with clenbuterol dangers along with tips for preventing serious problems.

Rapid Immunity

One of the primary dangers in using clenbuterol or clen is the fact that the body can quickly become immune to it. It works great, produces amazing results within a nominal amount of time, and lives up to or exceeds most consumer expectations. If you keep using it cycle after cycle, however, all of these benefits will fade but the likelihood of adverse effects will not. To mitigate the risk of immunity, it’s best to have one cycle on clen and one cycle off. You can do this by rotating in a product that produces comparable results, but that’s chemically different overall.

High Blood Pressure

Clen is not for people who have struggled with hypertension in the past. High blood pressure is a common side effect with nearly all anabolic steroids, but this is especially true with Clen. Always have your blood pressure read ahead of purchasing this steroid. If your reading is high or borderline high, get this under control before proceeding. Moreover, make sure that proper readings stay consistent for a period of at least two to three weeks. People with cardiac rhythm disturbances and those who are using cardiac glycosides should never use Clen at all due to possible contraindication.

Liver Toxicity

It’s also important to avoid clenbuterol if you’ve ever had liver problems in the past. In fact, all Clen users should have an on-cycle support plan for mitigating the risk of toxicity. This remains true even if you intend to maintain a relatively low dose and aren’t using Clen as part of a stack. Good off-cycle support is advised as well, for both cleansing the liver and protecting the heart.